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Epoxy Technology Europe Ltd expands production site in the UK for Premixed and Frozen EPO-TEK® Adhesives

Epoxy Technology Europe Ltd has doubled the size of its production site in the UK in order to keep up with ever-increasing demand for packaged EPO-TEK® adhesives. The quality control area, controlled light area, as well as freezer and general storage capacity were also augmented.

Why should a customer choose to outsource the syringe-making-process? There are several important reasons to do so, all result in cost savings for the customer in the end. Here a brief summary of the major factors:


  • Reduced waste material - match fill amounts to match production requirements
  • No need for the customer to buy consumables etc. All syringes are labelled per GHS requirements
  • No need for material transfer tools


  • No space required for syringe-filling, no fume cupboards etc. for mixing
  • Higher safety for employees - less exposure to wet chemicals
  • No specialized mixing equipment required
  • Reduced labor costs 
  • No special employee training required for mixing processes
  • Full certification and traceability

Process Development/Production and Test Equipment/Quality Control:

Material characteristics can be considerably influenced by the mixing process, as well as steps such as degassing and centrifuging. One illustration of the potential for this change is how viscosities can change; for a silver-filled material the VR values can be affected and thixotropy could be destroyed if a proper process development is not set-up for each product. For reproducible quality of packaged material, exact time parameters need to be established for each product as epoxy materials change in characteristics with time once mixed. Only if the customer decides to outsource this process to the manufacturer can he be assured that the packaged material has consistent performance.

Epoxy Technology Europe Ltd offers various processing options, including vacuum degassing. All syringes are centrifuged to remove bubbles. From the customer’s point of view all other aspects of processing are avoided (process documentation, scales, mixing tools, dispensers for transfer of material to end syringe, centrifuge, etc.) and importantly there is no requirement to set up a QC process to document the quality of the mixed material and equipment to perform QC tests on mixed material. A full range of Quality Control tests are provided by Epoxy Technology Europe and include Viscometry, Cure Calorimetry, Cure testing, etc.

At Epoxy Technology, full traceability is given back to each raw material. For each product, a process is in place for to record all parameters such as time from mixing to freezing, mix quantities, degassing and centrifuging parameters, and more. This ensures that the customer receives material of the same consistent quality and can maintain a reproducible process on his end. For each order the customer receives a C of C for his documentation which provides traceability at the ‘Mix-Lot’ level.

Standard syringe sizes are 3, 5, 10, 30 and 55 cc. The syringes are compatible with standard dispensers. Special syringes are available upon request. Fill quantities depend on the customer’s consumption. All European EPO-TEK®-customers who order the material premixed frozen are supplied from Epoxy Technology Europe’s European facility. Transit time is usually 24 hours, shipments are made in dry ice and temperature profiles can be logged.

Highly demanding industries such as: medical, automotive, aerospace and others have been supplied since 2010 with EPO-TEK® products packaged in the UK.

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